Is Enterprise SAML Signing Algorithm in Management API

Enterprise SAML connections specify a signing algorithm in the Auth0 Console:


Is this also supported in the Auth0 Management API for connections? Where and how?

These values can be sent in the options object in SAML connections like this:

"options": {
  "signSAMLRequest": true,
  "signatureAlgorithm": "rsa-sha256",
  "digestAlgorithm": "sha256",
  /* rest of the options */

Note: if you’re sending a PATCH, make sure to send the whole options object, and not just the changed attributes because this options is replaced, not merged.

On another note, these optional values aren’t documented because they vary quite a lot between different types of connections. If you want to find out the corresponding API2 attribute for some setting, change the value in the dashboard and do a GET /api/v2/connections/{id} call to figure out how it has been saved. The ideal situation would be to have all of these documented, but we don’t have that right now.