Ionic App does not ask consent on Auth0 Signup

Hi !

Platforms : Android / iOS / Web
Cordova 10
Ionic 5
Angular 12

I have some issues i didn’t have recently. When i started my project i used this documentation : Auth0 Ionic 4 SDK Quickstarts: Login.

Tu be able to develop using my web navigator i also use auth0-js. My angular service select the correct one depending on the platform.

So, one week ago i tried to signup a new account on my application (Email Password and Google account), when i do that, Auth0 do not display the consent page after the signup and i’m directly redirect to my application ( This happen on mobile and web browser ). The results of this strange behavior are :

  • I have no user object given by Auth0 after this
  • When i try to go to the login/signup page, i’m automatically redirect to my application
  • I got this error in my console

After hours of research to find where it come from, when i succeed in having the consent page, this error goes away and i have my Auth0 user in my application. But it happen each time i try to sign up.

You can find my settings here :

Thanks for your help.

I have more informations

When i trie to go on the “Getting sarted : Try it out” i have the same error :

I’m getting this page :