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Invite0: an open source app for easy invite-only tenants

Introducing Invite0!


I was disappointed to discover that Auth0 does not provide an out-of-the-box feature to invite new users to a private tenant by email. The documented invite-only solution has some limitations:

  1. it assumes that all of your users can be imported from an Enterprise Connection (and so it’s not an email invite solution)
  2. it assumes you are developing an application to which you can add code to interact with the Management API (while some of us just want to integrate existing apps)

Another solution does not assume #1 (ie it does implement email invites), but it still assumes #2, and it also relies more heavily on hacking the password-reset email, which means users can’t set their own username, photo, etc.

The app

I’ve put together a small web app that provides email-invite functionality for invite-only tenants. With Invite0, any Auth0 user to whom you grant the send:invitation permission can send a unique, temporary invitation link to new users via email. It’s Dockerized, so you can get set up in no time!

You can find more information in the README on GitHub.

Feedback & contributions

Feedback and contributions are welcome! What do you think of this approach? Security audits and improvements to the default HTML/CSS are especially appreciated! See the GitHub issues for more contribution ideas.


Thank you @elliott for sharing with us. I haven’t actually tried the app but looks like you have put great efforts into solving the problem and just wanted to appreciate you for that. Well done.

Really good job @elliott! Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

Wow, this is a grealy put-together project. Kudos for the effort, @elliott!

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