Integrating auth0 with my python app

Hi guys I have some question about how to integrate Auth0 with my app.

Im working on a project which involves a django based web app and a .exe, the idea is to ask for authentication when the user wants to acces some features on the executable. Is it possible to send a request to auth0 to authenticate the user, or to make the callback url somehow redirect to my exe?

Hi @edwinacg96

That is an unusual model.

I don’t know much about your architecture, so this is just a general suggestion:
Use Auth Code flow for users to authenticate to the Django app
Use Auth Code + PKCE for users to authenticate with the native app (exe)
SSO means that after a user logs in on either app, they are logged in on both.

This means each app is responsible for their own auth, which is better than trying to make the django app responsible for the exe’s auth.