InitialScreen doesn't seem to be working for Auth0LockPasswordless

We have a combination of Social (Google) and Passwordless connections for our login page.
We are using Auth0LockPasswordless API and Classic Universal login.
We do have two separate buttons for Sign up and Login and would like to show “Sign up with Google” when the Sign up button is clicked and “Login with Google” when the login button is clicked.

Code is something like this and doesn’t work:

const initialScreen = window.location.href.includes("login") ? 'login' : 'signUp';{initialScreen: initialScreen});

And lock is an object of Auth0LockPasswordless .

Does the initialScreen work in conjunction with the Passwordless option? Please let me know if we are missing anything here.

Hi @dynosapp,

Can you post a screen shot of the page you would like to have be the initial screen?


Sure. Please see the attached.

You can change this text to what you want by adding languageDictionary.signUpWithLabel = 'Log in with %s' to the customization page.

The en languageDictionary options are available here:

Note: The passwordless pages work differently than normal signup and login pages, that is why you are seeing nothing from the initialScreen setting.

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