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Improvements to documentation



In one way this is a really hard ask.

The Auth0 documentation is unbelievably good. The Quick Starts in particular are well written, clear and easy to follow.

The only exception here is where an issue is noted but not addressed.

Take the Angular 2+ Login Quick Start for example. There is a note near the end of this document that reads:

This example assumes you are using path-based routing which Angular defaults to. If you are using hash-based routing with { useHash: true }, you won’t be able to specify a dedicated callback route because the URL hash will be used to hold the user’s authentication information.

Ok, so what if you are using hash-based routing? Does that mean you cannot use this Quick Start at all? That’s OK if that’s true but the documentation doesn’t suggest anywhere the user can go at this point. And if that is the case, then this note should be at the top of the page.

It would also be nice if there was somewhere on the page we could make a comment about this. I could go to Github and create a pull request, but I don’t know what the user should do here so I can’t really suggest and appropriate change.

What would be better would be if we could start a community thread right from this page and visible from the page.