Importing Users, changing email requirement for username

I’m trying to import bulk users following the Auth0 docs, I have achieved this however many of the users I am importing do not have an email. This is problematic as email is a required property defined in the JSON schema auth0 provides.

The usernames in my database are unique and are what have been previously used as the primary key. Is there any way I can configure Auth0 to require username and not email. I can only see in the Database settings a toggle to require both.

Hi @l.bell

Email is required, as it is used for flows like password reset.

For example, you bulk import a user with a username but no email, and they have forgotten their password. They cannot reset it, because resetting requires email.

If you really want to import users with no defined email, you can generate an invalid email for them like (and put this in the bulk import JSON file). But this leaves you open to the problems described above.


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