Implmenting Auth0 for ASP NET Web Forms project

Hi, Is there any good reference or sample project to implement Auth0 on ASP.NET Web Forms project?
I’m trying to implement Auth0 Authorization on our ASP.NET Web Forms project, however, I’m facing a problem with the implementation since I couldn’t find any good reference using Auth0 on ASP.NET Web Forms and I don’t have deep knowledge in Auth0, SSO, and ASP.NET.
I searched every post related to implementing Auth0 on ASP.NET Web Forms on Auth0 Community and the answers usually said tweaking code from Auth0’s ASP.NET QuickStart projects would be enough.
So far, I spent a lot of time on it by referring the ASP.NET OWIN project which is using MVC on Auth0’s QuickStart.
I put some code from the QuickStart project and guide to our project, but it didn’t work well.
I was able to make it redirect to Auth0’s login page, however, after login and move back to a callback page, my project couldn’t get the token well.
Probably my code approach might be wrong, so I need some help or a good example to fix it.
Does Auth0’s SSO service support ASP.NET Web Forms?
If it does so, Is there any good reference/sample of the Auth0’s ASP.NET Web Forms project, not ASP.NET MVC or Core?
If I can get one or any help to implement it, I will appreciate it.