Implicit or Code Authorization Flow Error

I have a generic application with grant types implicit and authorization code enabled. I am trying to generate a token but it says “Something went wrong.” I tried both Postman and browser with following URL but same response:


Any idea why it isn’t working?

Hey @haider.abbas,

Assuming you’re seeing the Auth0 “Oops!, something went wrong” page when using a browser, look for the “See details for this error” link under “Technical Details”. Clicking on this link should give you info as to why you’re getting the error.

Hope this helps!

No, it’s not oops page. Please see the screenshot.

Thanks for the screenshot @haider.abbas - have you reviewed the error message shown to do with connections?

I would advise:

  1. Checking your application has a connection enabled in the management dashboard
  2. If there is a connection enabled for your application, check your configuration in Universal Login. For example if you are using Auth0 Lock, ensure the allowedConnections parameter is not set to a named connection that is not enabled for your application.

Hope this helps!