Implement existing Auth0 with WordPress when existing users on both

We have an existing app/website using our Auth0 account. I now have a WordPress site that I want to integrate with Auth0. All the users on the existing Auth0 account will be allowed to access the WordPress site. However a lot of the existing users also have a login on the WordPress site (same email, different password). I want to ditch all the current users on the WordPress site so that everyone is using Auth0 for our app and for the WordPress site.

Is this just a simple case of deleting all the WordPress accounts (except admin) and setting up a new application in our existing Auth0 account? Or am I missing something?



Hi @terry.cann,

Have you tried our Wordpress Login plugin? The docs are available at:

and the download link from is:


Thanks for the response. Yes I’ve been through the documentation, but I can’t find clarification on what happens to the logins on the WP database if I don’t export them to Auth0. If our WP user accounts get transferred to Auth0 it will screw up a large number of live user logins to our medical app, which makes me somewhat nervous…