Implement a sub kind of auth in my Vue.js Discord Auth0

Completely following auth0-vue-samples/01-Login at master · auth0-samples/auth0-vue-samples · GitHub, in authWrapper.js

In method loginWithPopup on line 30, I would like to add a custom simple check of my own. simply, I would like to check if the user’s id is whitelisted. I have an array of them which I want to check against, and only if its there it can go on.

in psuedo code:

this.user = await this.auth0Client.getUser();
MyCustomCheck = this.user.split("|").pop();
let MyCheck = (data === '650187980606275589')
'if MyCheck is false, exit back to login page'
this.isAuthenticated = await this.auth0Client.isAuthenticated();

Thanks for any help

Hey there!

Unfortunately not a Vue guy myself but maybe someone from the community will be able to help. Adding a few tags to your question for better searchability