I'm facing issue while decoding the token in my Django application

I’m using auth0 password less authentication to use APIs built using Django-rest-framework. I follow this tutorial from auth0 https://auth0.com/docs/quickstart/backend/django/01-authorization and when i call the API with an Authorization token it returns this error {“details”: “Error decoding code.”}
Please help me to solve this issue


Hey there!

In order to handle that most effectively can I ask you to raise a GitHub issue for that in the quickstart repo so we can tackle that with the quickstart mmaintainers? Thank you! Share the link with us once you have it


My code is confidential so i can’t share it publicly or with anyone. Can you please help me any other way to solve the issue i’m facing.


We won’t be able to help you if you cannot share the code with us so that we can inspect it as we’re not sure if it’s the issue coming from the quickstart code or the code you added to the quickstart.

Can you please let me know where is the quickstart repo or share link with me?

Here it is:

Here is the link of the issue i raised on the quickstart repo. Please review it.

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I’ll let repo maintainers know in a few minutes!

Sure, I’m looking forward to your support to help me run auth0 authentication in my application :slight_smile:

Sure! We’re here for you!

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Hey Konrad,
I didn’t get any response from you till now with a solution

The team responsible for maintaining that repo has it in their backlog and they’ll start working on that as soon as they can.