Id_token expiration

I’ve set the id token expiration to 60 seconds, this is for a standard web app solution. When I close the browser and wait for a few minutes, then navigate back to my site, auth0 automatically logs me in again. Can you tell me if there are any other settings I need to change so that I am prompted to log in again?

Hi @slicc,

Would you please share how did you set the token expiration time.

Yep any screenshots and information about the stack you use will be helpful!


I am using .net core 3.1 backend (regular web app approach from the Auth0 Quickstarts). I set the id_token expiry time in the Application Settings on Auth0 (image below). When I monitor the traffic in the browser I see the redirects sending the browser back to Auth0, and then the subsequent redirect from Auth0 back to my site, even if I close the browser for hours:

This actually seems to be working now.


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Weird have you changed something in the meantime? Glad it actually works now!

Not sure really, possibly all browser windows weren’t closed, or maybe a cookie was hanging about for other reasons, not sure.

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Gotchya! Thanks for letting us know