I have the essentials subscription. Can I have a test tenant?

I have the B2C - ESSENTIALS subscription, and I just discovered that it is a per-tenant subscription. Worse than that, I’m paying for my development tenant, and my production tenant is in the free subscription. I didn’t get this basic concept from auth0. There is nowhere on the pricing page (Pricing - Auth0) a mention of that. How do I move my subscription to the production tenant? Can I have a free test tenant to use in my development environment?

Thank you.

Hi @cqconnect,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

To transfer your current subscription to your Production tenant, please open a Support Ticket requesting to change your billing to your Production tenant.

Depending on if you’re eligible for our Auth0 Child Tenant Policy, you may not need to transfer the subscription to your Production tenant at all.

Instead, you can request to link your Production and Development tenants (Master-child) together in your Support Ticket. This will allow both of your tenants to exercise the same features from your subscription plan.

Regarding Free test tenants, you are allowed an unlimited number of free tenants, but they will only have the Free features available.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d be happy to clarify.

Thank you.