How to verify if a user is logged in on another domain

We have multiple domains with Wordpress.
We use Auth0 (the plugin) to have one login for the multiple domains. This works great.
But, everytime we switch to another domain, we need to click LOGIN again (which login right away).
What we want, this user is logged in right away and not having to click the login button every time.

Is this possible? If so, how?

@Bertjuhh - If the other sites do not require authentication for the site to be viewed, then there’s not a lot to be done about this. Anyone can come to a page and the server, because it is stateless and can’t see cookies from other domains, wouldn’t know anything about that user. In that way, there is no way to differentiate a brand new site visitor without an account from a known user with an active session somewhere else.

I understand.
But we want that on domain A, someone can login (we fetch name for example).
When the customer goes to domain B, we want to show “Welcome back XpersonX”.
But in order to do so, we need the customer to click the login button first (which makes the person login automatically since all domains are attached with Auth0).
The only thing we want is that we can somehow trigger the auto login so we can show the welcome back message.

Can’t we add a 0x0 iframe somehow which triggers the login?

You can enforce login on the site with a template_redirect hook or similar but it might not be a great experience for your users if you’re just using it to display a name.

Do you want to force everyone to log in or just check if there is an Auth0 session and not require login if not?

We dont want all users to force login, only the ones who have a SSO already up for Auth0.
But I also have a ticket which is escalated, i’ll be awaiting an answer there.

Thanks so far for your help and feedback!

Hello, did you find a solution?

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I need this too. Still no solution?