How to update information from social connection and keep access token up to date

Some background:
I’m using Auth0 because Patreon does not support the authorization + PKCE flow for servless apps. So far, my endeavors are successful. I have a Patreon social connection that is allowing people to sign into my app. I’m using the react SDK from auth0 to let the user log in.

But here are some things I’m having trouble finding answers for…
When a user of my app has a refresh token from auth0 and they exchange it for a new access token because it expired, does this trigger any updating of the social connection?
I’m assuming not… and that I’ll have to make a rule to do this.

This is fine. I read that rules execute when a refresh token (auth0’s refresh token, right?) is processed.
So I can make a rule and access the access token and refresh token in the identities array.

If the access token is expired, and I manually use the refresh token, how am I then supposed to save the new access and refresh tokens?

What happens if the refresh token (from patreon) expires and I need to make the user go through the login again? Again, my app is serverless, and I haven’t seen any kind of agent support that I could plug into.

Is there a proper way to throw and ask the user to do a full login again?

fyi, I’ve seen responses with no real answer on here kinda hand-wringing about security and why auth0 might not want to keep these tokens around… but i need you to.
I need to check periodically if a patreon user is still a patron and apply roles, etc.