How to retrieve Refresh Token using Authentication API

To obtain a Refresh Token using Auth0 API, Auth0 mentioned on their documentation to pass an Authorization Code to retrieve a Refresh Token. But Authorization Code only visible if Browser-Based authentication is redirected. Please help me.


See here:

Refresh tokens are only available for a limited set of grants.

If you don’t have a browser, you’ll have to use resource owner password grant, but I do not recommend that. If you present more of your use case, we might be able to help.


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Thank you Mr. John for helping me here. The reason for using Authentication API is my client do not much like the Sign-In or Sign-Up widget. Instead of the default Auth0 widget, my client prefer his own Sign-In or Sign-Up page and same for the Native Apps. So I prefer Authentication API but I saw some of limitations. Such as obtaining refresh and id tokens, know if access token is expired? etc. Is there any success ways to achieve all of the Auth0 widget services using Authentication API?