How to remove/edit disclaimer in every auth0 email sent to users..?

When i sent any email to users i.e reset pass email or verify email, there is a disclaimer attached to each email. How and where i can remove/edit that disclaimer.

I cannot reproduce that exact situation; one thing you may want to try if you haven’t done so already, would be to ensure that your tenant is configured to use a custom email provider ( and NOT the built-in one as that will not allow template customizations.

After ensuring the above you can then fully customize the email templates ( so you could check if the situation would still persist. If yes, you should share a full email and headers (redact sensitive information).

Another interesting test would be to do the opposite thing; ensure you use a built-in provider and see if you still reproduce issue. If you don’t reproduce it then it may be your own email provider adding that information by default.

I have attached the disclaimer which is going out with every email.

Is that with a custom email provider or built-in one? Have you checked in multiple email clients and email providers? For example, creating a test user associated with a temporary email inbox ( and then test with that.