How To Recognize Email User Is Already Exist When Doing Normal Login

Hi, community. Currently, I am developing my web app using Auth0Provider. The problem is being faced is I cannot recognize email’s user when the user actually has signed up with their gmail then user wanted login through filling input of login fields (email and password). I just wanted to know how do we recognize the user email? Basically, I wanted to notify the user that their email actually has been stored but using signed up with Gmail auth.

Hi @rahmat.awaludin thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Auth0 community! :tada:

Could you explain your use case a bit more, would you like the end-user to know about their previous login methods before they attempt to log in again? For example, when the end-user navigates to Auth0 Hosted Login Page, a notification is shown to the end-user that they’ve already signed up with Google?

If you’re concerned about having duplicate users from different connections, I’d recommend also looking into our account linking extension which will consolidate the separate profiles into one.

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Hi @colin.coutts
Our use case was user initially sign up using social account (gmail). And, at a later time he tried to sign up by email and password using same email address used previously.

We want to prevent double account like this.

Either we show a message that they’re already registered using gmail and prevent their sign up, or some other approach that is preferred in Auth0 in this case.


Hi @rahmat.awaludin,

Have you checked out the Account Link docs I suggested above? That will provide a way for users to link pre-existing accounts and avoid any duplicate users.

Let me know what you think of that and whether that will be a reasonable path forward.


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Thanks for helping on this one Colin!