How to programmatically authenticate against Auth0 in your Cypress

Hello community, from few days ago, I’m trying to implement a programmatically authentication against Auth0 using Cypress, followed some tutorials, but so far no lucky, just now I have a functional login against Auht0 (using Cypres I can make a login against Auth0), but for some reason the render of my dashboard page never finish, I’m not sure if related to the state URL param or another error or missing configuration that I can’t identify.

Welcome to the Auth0 Community, @rolian.ruiz!

I assume you’ve already tried with a different browser and after cleaning the browser cache (not only cookies but also the cache which includes JavaScript)

If you’ve already tried that, could you upload a screenshot or a video capture where the issue can be seen? Also, capturing a HAR file while reproducing the issue could throw some insight into what’s happening there: Generate and Analyze HAR Files

Be sure to remove any sensitive data in case you need to upload a HAR file.

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