How to obtain an Auth0 Signals API Key

Registration is not required to enjoy most of the API’s capabilities, as it is entirely possible to use it anonymously with a limit of only 100 hits per day. But if you want to enjoy all the services of the API and increase the daily limit to 40000 hits, then the user must register for free and get an API key.

To register, you must go to the Sign up page. You can find a link on the main page of Auth0 Signals. The user has two options here:

  • Sign up using a Social Login (Github, Google, Linkedin, or Microsoft).
  • Sign up entering an email and a password.

Please do not forget to read our [Terms of Service](, and confirm that you agree with them.

If the user signs up with social login, then it will be re-directed to the Home page of Auth0 Signals, displaying at the top the API Key and the quota.

If the user opts to sign up with an email and password, it must first verify the account creation to obtain an API Key and the quota. Don’t forget to check your account to complete the sign-up process.

The API Key is a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) 128-bit number represented by 16 octets of 32 hexadecimal digits displayed in five groups separated by hyphens, in the form 8-4-4-4-12 for a total of 36 characters (32 hexadecimal characters and 4 hyphens). Example:


Copy the UUID and paste when needed: API query, SDK, CLI, Slack, or any 3rd party tool.

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I registered for Auth0 Signals, and have not yet received the email confirmation (after 20 minutes)

(I then registered to this community, and within 30 seconds received the confirmation email)


I registered using email and confirmed by email. But am getting a 401/500 status on the dashboard and no API key is showing.

Can you help advise?


Hey there!

Can you try if you are still experiencing that?

Hi Konrad,

Unfortunately I am still experience the same issue. Would it be easier to message over DM/Email?


Yep feel free to send me a private message here in the forum.

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response but as it was a holiday season from time to time we’ve been experiencing some bandwidth hiccups.

Unfortunately I cannot provide more help here as there are some ongoing changes with the Signal overall stack at the moment. Maybe @parrilla our software security architect will be able to shed more light on it

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