How to not create an account until the users verify their email when sign up

Hi, I have some questions regarding authentication flow in auth0. My scenario is that I want to force the user to verify their email when signing up. However, auth0 creates the account corresponding to the email no matter it is verified or not. How can I avoid this behavior since I try to avoid the situation when somebody uses other people’s emails to sign up, and then when the email owners sign up, they cannot create a new account as the the account already exists.

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Hi @minhdang241,

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There is not a built-in feature with this type of flow. It is possible that you could create something with a pre registration hook, but it would require you to work out the verification process.

Are you experiencing a lot of users doing this? It isn’t a common issue that I am familiar with. Typically customers force email verification in a rule, and that is sufficient.

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