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How to link to signup directly?

I’m happy that the new experience splits login and signup into two pages. Now how do I link directly to the signup?

Hi Josh

You can currently do it by redirecting to /u/signup?client_id=<client_id>. However, we don’t want you to rely on the /u/* routes, as that’s an implementation detail. We are discussing providing another one (e.g., /signup, that would redirect to /u/signup for now).



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Further to above, can I do the same thing to go to the forgot password page. Essentially I want to create users with temporary passwords but force them to be changed on first login.


@josh.hardy I wanted to let you know that we decided to disallow calling /u/signup directly in our initial release of the new Universal Login flow. The use case wasn’t well solved and we preferred to hold it until we had a better solution.

@Robert.Tilson It’s not an scenario Auth0 currently supports out of the box, it would be great if you could ask for it in our feedback page, adding as much context you can about your use case Thanks a lot.