How to link an object from our Backend to Auth0 users?

Frontend: Angular 11
Backend: Spring/Spring Boot

Everything is working fine both authentication and authorization on my API calls as the Quickstart tutorial is very helpful.

However, I am now on the part where we have an entity, let’s say Registry object and we need to affiliate it with the creating user and an approving user.

What is the best approach of doing this?

  1. I am thinking we can add a column to our Registry object with the User ID from Auth0 (e.g., auth0|6049f2230cdd830069dd38f1) being linked to it. However, we have a paginated view on our frontend (10 items per page) where there is Created By and hitting the Management API endpoint to retrieve the user info would be a bit disadvantageous on our side since as far as I know there is only read by ID or read All management API endpoint for such.

  2. Or, we can keep a copy of user profile metadata on our database however, I am not sure how to do this. How can we intercept newly signup users to create a copy of them on our own database. Would it be ideal to do this approach?