How to insert new case record in salesforce

Hi team, I am new to do this, can please help me out how to insert new case in salesforce and what are steps i need to configured in Auth0.

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Have you had a chance to visit those documents?

Thanks for quick response @konrad.sopala, yes I revied the above both topic somewhere I am a little confused to pass the id’s like webhook url.
if possible let’s have a small session I will share the screen.

Only paying customers can have calls with screenings if you are on free tier we will need to go through your hurdle here. Let me know how I shall proceed.

@konrad.sopala OK I Understand, Actually it’s a paid customer only, right now I have not received any credentials from my client, before that I trying to do the same thing in the free trial after I will replicate the same thing in a live environment. and second thing needs to know we can create a record account instead of lead create…? Thanks .

@konrad.sopala, need to know we can create a record account instead of lead creation…? Thanks .

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Unfortunately we don’t have any content or tutorials on that. I highly encourage you to submit product request for that through our feedback site: