How to get user state using wp-auth0 from node web app to wordpress site

I have a web app (product) using Auth0 for user creation and login. I have a separate Wordpress site (marketing) that now needs to know whether a user is logged into the product-side web app. The information would be used to display certain UI for a logged in user and something else for non-user. I am not using the plugin to register new users from WP to the app.

As far as I can tell, I’ve followed the wp-auth0 configuration correctly (Configure Login by Auth0). There is not much documentation on this at all.

Right now I’m logged into my app-side and attempting to output user info on the wordpress-side: print_r( get_currentauth0user() ); The object values are empty. How do I check that Auth0 app settings and WP settings have been properly configured and communicating?

Is there documentation on available hooks and functions for this plugin?
How do I get a basic “user is logged into the app” response using the plugin?