How to get profile data in a stateful react component

Hello all! I was hoping for some help here.
I followed the quick start guide for the react spa sdk, and it works great for functional components.

However, I have a need for stateful, class components, and I’d like to set user data. However, the quickstart guide has us using React hooks to access profile data. How can I access profile data without using React hooks?

Thanks very much!

Hey there!

You can retrieve the info you want using our Management API:

okay, thanks. I am looking through documentation now which makes sense for the most part. One thing I dont understand, however, is how to send the access token along with the request. How do i access this access token? I know where to put it in the request, i dont know what to set the token variable to if that makes sense.

Similarly, as I search for a user using the API, i presumably need to set search query params, what do i set those to to find the logged in user’s profile information?

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Hey there!

It was a very busy time for me in February in community here and must have forgot about your topic. Let me look into that once more and get back to you with the solution shortly!