How to create 100 groups and make a user belong to those groups

My application (Native) works fine with auth0 with a single user login.

I wish to test for the scenario that auth0 can authenticate with a user that belong to multiple groups with maximum 100 groups. Just wonder if there is an easy way(s) to create 100+ groups then add one user to be part of those groups?

Thank you,

Hey there!

I guess the most effective way would be to do it programatically but unfortunately there is no endpoint for that. What I would encourage you to do is to provide this as a feature request using our feedback category here:

Thanks Konrad for your feedback.

Just wonder how many groups are allowed to be created (like a maximum number of groups) in the auth0 free account?

Thank you.

There is no information about that in our entity limits policy here:

but as with every feature if you’re getting close to the limit or even above we’ll inform you for sure through the dashboard :slight_smile: