How to connect different OAuth clients for a backend service(not login)?

I’m building a data connector app that allows users to login and then connects to Salesforce, Intercom etc to pull data from those systems on a daily basis and dump them into a database.
I know we can easily use Auth0 for authentication purposes but after a user logs in, I need to show a list of services that they click on and “Connect” those services as part of their profile. And once they do that, we’ll be able to make calls using those individual services to pull data.

I’m using Node.js and am wondering how to do this part. Any help appreciated.

I thin kyou can achieve this functionality using a rule. You need to redirect the flow to an external webpage hosting on any server where you can show that list. After user choose any item from list, just revert back flow to auth0 rule and use that selected fields as fetching your specific data.

I’m new to Auth0 rules, could you please elaborate a bit more as too exactly how I can use it? In the mean time, I’ll dig deeper into that. Thanks!

Try to olok docs of progresive profilling at auth0. I believe that can help to solve your problem. Because in that way you can display a user any list to choose and procede further.