How to configure one time log In for an SPA and Delegated Admin Dashboard?

Hey there,
I’m new to Auth0, I can’t find any solution for this use-case:

  • I’m having a React App, I have implemented auth0 successfully in there, having a corresponding Application (SPA) which is being created in Auth0 applications section.
  • I have also configured Delegated Administration Dashboard Extention, which is working fine.
  • I have added a link in my React App, which redirect the user to Delegated Admin Dashboard Page.
  • Now what I want is user should not be prompted to log In again on Delegated Admin Page when he has already logged In on the React App, but currently User has to log In again in order to access the Delegated Admin Dashboard.


  • Both SPA and Delegated Admin Extention is using the same DB.
  • Delegated Admin Extention is using React SPA’s Client Id in the setting part.

Can anyone help me on this , it’s really important.

This should work out of the box if it’s really configured as you say, both using the same DB connection. I just tested it on my own tenant and it’s working fine.

That link you mention, it’s pointing to a URL like
is that right?

But also important, and please confirm: you’re using some kind of redirect flow from your React App / SPA, right (i.e. via our auth0-spa-js, or in any other way invoking the OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant+PKCE)? So, you’re not using an ‘embedded flow’ (Resource Owner Password Grant) that only calls the Auth0 authentication API without any redirect. That’s important in order to get the SSO cookies set on the Auth0 domain.

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Thanks a lot for your response,
Yes, I’m going to the link using the following code:“https://[YOUR_TENENT]”)
It will open the link in new tab.

For the React app I’m using auth0-spa-js following React SPA Quickstart guide.

But still it’s not working.