How to change the SAML assertion Identity provider?

Hi I am trying to configure Auth0 as a SAML identity provider for another web application.

After contacting their support they told me the problem is the following:
“Auth0 currently supplies an Entity ID as a URN while the SAML specification recommends the use of a URL. Aiven currently supports URLs only for the value of Entity ID but it can be changed using the Auth0 API. We appreciate that this is not optimal and please do contact Auth0 support to request this functionality.”

Can anyone tell me how to do as they told?


Hey @bananabr,

The procedure to patch the connection is as follows:

By default the Entity ID of auth0 as sp is configured in urn format : urn:auth0:Your auth0 domain :YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME.

You can also also add the “connection.options.entityId” field in your connections to use this as Entity ID for your saml connection.

You will have to patch the saml connection using the management API endpoint

PATCH /api/v2/connections/con_ID

With options object and add entityId there, it can be in URL format if you need.

This Link also mentions the same:

The link provided by the support is for this patch connection, but it comes as an Connection configuration for Auth0 as SP.