How to achieve re-consent OOB in auth0?


  • Determine if re-consent is required for your users, depending on your old terms and conditions and previous privacy certifications.

Note that every time your Terms and Conditions change, you must ask the users for consent again

How to achieve the above 2 using OOB auth0?


Not sure if this meets your needs but a possible solution: store a T&Cs version number and or consent date-time-stamp in the user’s app_metadata:

"app_metadata": {
    "consent": {
        "terms_and_conditions_version": "1.12",
        "consent_date_time_stamp": "2020-09-30T23:23:07Z"

Now you can run a Rule that checks the current T&Cs version against the one the user consented too, and if necessary redirect the user to a microsite to re-confirm consent.

You mean to say , that we should redirect the user to a custom app to achieve this functionality… right?

If i use the default consent that is provided by auth0(without redirecting), is there a way to achieve it?