How to access AccessToken in the rules pipeline

As part of the sign up flow from an app, a user needs to be created on our backend after it is created on Auth0. I would like to get the access token in a rule such that it can be used to create a user on our backend. I’ve looked at this and it describes a similar problem but there is no solution to my problem specifically? I’m thinking this should be easily achievable with auth0 but perhaps im missing something.

Hey there!

I checked our docs and the only way I see to access the access token in rules (which are run upon successful login) is the context object and it’s properties. More on that here:

As you have said yourself in the thread I linked in the original post, the context object does not have the access token itself.

Sorry haven’t checked the thread you linked in the rush of answering to multiple questions. I would answer then that unfortunately it’s not doable as I did quite huge research going through our docs and there are no instructions on that.

What I would do is to file a feature request for that using our product feedback form here:

This way one of our product managers should contact you within 10 business days. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!