How do you set the API scopes for an Application through the Web UI?

I swear this used to be intuitive but now I can’t figure it out at all. I thought before you could do this from the “Machine to Machine Applications” in the API detail view. Then you could expand each authorized application and set its scopes; but now it just redirects me to the application. Am I missing something obvious? I’ve tried in Chrome and Firefox with the same result. In Edge the dashboard wouldn’t come up at all…

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You’re not alone.
I’m also trying to add scopes to an Application and the > which used to expand a control allowing me to filter and select scopes just takes me to the API page.
Oddly, the corresponding control on the API page takes me to the Applications page.

Just had cause to use the UI again and is appears to be working as it used to.

Working for me too, thanks!