How do we add a custom error message replacing the string "Password is too common" that shows up during signup?

How do we add a custom error message replacing the string “Password is too common” that shows up during signup?

I have tried this in the password reset section, but I still see the default error string “Password is too common.”

This is the link I am following to implement the error string replacement: lock/en.js at master · auth0/lock · GitHub

Hi @ldsouza ,

If this is during signup, you would need to add your custom entry for this dictionary term in the login page HTML.

The reset password HTML is only used for password reset flows and not signups, and also uses a different dictionary file and terms, there does not appear to be an equivalent for the password_dictionary_error message available during the reset flow:

If you were to use the New Universal Login experience, you could edit this message via the Text Customisation API for the signup prompt:

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Sorry for not being clear very clear in my question and confusing you. I need this in the password reset screen.

If the user wants to reset the password, the user will click the reset password option and then they will be taken to a screen where they can pick the password of their choice.

Below screenshot is from the login HTML.

Hi @ldsouza, sorry for the delay, as I linked above, the only available terms for modifying are via the password reset screen’s own dict object, which is not the same as the languageDictionary object available for the login screen. Please see the below link for the list of terms that can be modified on the password reset screen:

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