How do I make a big user query in management?

I want to implement functionality that allows users on my app to find their friends by looking up their contacts list. Their phone contacts might be 1000 people, or even more. I know I can query the management API with an HTTP request, but can I do all of that in a single request? The maximum URL length is 2048 characters, so there’s no way I can fit all the contact phone numbers in the query parameter.

All of my users sign up through SMS, so I know how to make the query when there is a small number of contacts, but I’m not sure how to do it with many.

Hi @sklkd93,

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Unfortunately, there is a limit of 1,000 users when using the management API to retrieve users (Retrieve Users with the Get Users Endpoint):

If you need to return more than 50 users, use the page parameter to show more pages of results. Each page contains 50 users. For example, you can specify &page=2 to show results 51-100, specify &page=3 to show results 101-150, and so on. However, this endpoint never returns a total of more than 1000 users with the same search criteria, even with paging.

For this functionality, unfortunately, you’d likely need to use an external service and sync it with Auth0.