How do I create a New Client

I am following the The Definitive Guide to Single Sign On (SSO) and I get to the first thing to do in actually doing something on Auth0 and I am asked to create a New Client, but I see no Create New Client button anywhere and when I search Auth0 for the keyword Client I get no results.

Is this SAML setup guide I have very dated? It is the Definitive Guide to Single Sign On (SSO) by Ado Kudic.

I found The Definitive Guide to Single Sign-On, again on, and again, I don’t see how this gets me started when the first instruction has no corollary in the actual Auth0 interface.

I think the first thing I have to do is create an App, not Create a New Client.

Hey @tmichel,

I don’t see where “client” appears on that page.

Clients and Applications are two names for the same thing. Sorry for the confusion.