How are user activations and access tokens issued 'counted' in regards to monthly limits?

Pretty much what it says in the title. I’ve got a react app that asks the user to login and I’m in the process of writing a wrapper component that will check if the user is still logged in and if not (i.e. when the cookie/session expires) get them to log in again. I’m currently using the auth0 spa react library and thinking of calling getTokenSilently to determine if the users session is current but I’m concerned that might inflate my monthly ‘number’ unnecessarily. What counts as a user activation and/or access token issued?

As an aside, if any one has any guidance for how to handle this ‘request re-login’ scenario using the react auth0 spa library then that would also be greatly appreciated.

Hi Duncan,

A user is identified by their unique ID. Sessions and tokens have nothing to do with your total user count.