Hosted login page declares "wrong credentials" although they are correct


we have a strange problem.

we sometimes experience our login screen (hosted auth0 login page) declaring given credentials as “wrong” when you attempt the login, although they are correct.

In that case, you can try as often as you want on that same page, and with as many different (correct) credentials as you want, the form will declare them all as “wrong/invalid”.

as soon as you reload the login page, credentials will be validated fine again…

can anybody help with what might be going wrong there?


Good afternoon,

I would need a little more information to figure out what is going on here.

Is this easily reproducible? Are you certain that connection is switched on for that client (application)? Is this the same experience regardless of what browser you use (firefox, chrome or edge)?

Could you provide which sdk you are using and steps to reproduce this issue (browser, connection type)?


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Hi @karen1,

sorry for the late reply, I was on parental leave :slight_smile:

My answers to your questions:

reproducible: no.
connection switched on: yes, since it works 99,9% of the time…
browser: I assume so, yes. It has been experienced in different browsers yet.

sdk: no, sorry, can’t answer that… maybe @r3spavvn can?
steps to reproduce: see above, no.