Hook/Rule for social login with lock parameters

So, I have my app which uses auth login and registration. I am using lock to add some more details during registration process. To have those details in my app database I am using a registration-hook.

All is fine now, everybody is happy. Even my boss, because he asked me to allow also allow google users to do the same. The problem is, no hooks available for social login (and its been a while like this - so not much hopes to see this done during my lifetime).

I managed to push social-login details to my app using rules. The problem is … how do I push those extra details I need from the registration box to my app because they’re no longer available in Rules …


Hi @auth0-masernet

To be clear: the “registration box” is never used for a social login user. They never enter the information.

There are a couple of approaches:

  • Use redirect rules and progressive profiling (ask the social user for the info on first login via a mini-app)
  • Request the info you need from the social provider (may not be available)
  • Only allow social logins if there is an already existing U/P account, and link the two accounts.


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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly … but this is utterly confusing: I want to sell shoes and before registration I want to know user’s size - regardless of their authentication choice. I think you should disable the feature of adding extra properties during registration or add support for hooks on social-registration.

Hi @auth0-masernet

To be honest, this is one of the more confusing features of Auth0. However, it does have a very good justification.

In a username/password database, Auth0 owns the database, owns the user, and Auth0 is responsible for creating users.

In a social connection, Auth0 does NOT own the database, does NOT own the user. The social provider does. The social provider is responsible for creating users.

Auth0 “creates” a user profile when a social user logs in for the first time. But this is not user creation.