Help with Passwordless and Twillio

Hi guys!
I need help for configure and test send SMS with twillio trial version.
The Messaging Service was created and I have the SID.
The problem now is for Add phone numbers to a Service
I need test this service before pay for phone numbers.
When I try to add phone numer to a service, return this message: “The requested resource /Services/my_SID/PhoneNumbers was not found”.
I don’t have any PhoneNumberSid for test.

For Add phone numbers to a Service the link doc is:

Can anyone help me please?

Hey there!

Have you followed our docs on passwordless with sms:


Hi @konrad.sopala,
I tried this doc, but for the step “add phone number to a service” not working, I think that the problem is because I don’t have paid for a phone number in twillio yet. I need configure and testing this functionality in the staging client system, for after this paid for this service.
Do you understande me?

Thanks for your reply

Yep so right now it seems that you’re figuring out the part with Twilio correct?

Sorry @konrad.sopala I didn’t understand what you said.

Right now you’re using Twilio docs to configure that part of the flow?

Yes, exactly and I’m stuck in this step yet. :sob:

how can i solve this problem

I think that question should be asked in Twilio community as it is regarding their part of the stack.

Hello @konrad.sopala.
Thanks for the tip, I will post a question in the Twillio community. I posted here because this configuration is part of the auth0 documentation I use in the project.
Thank you for clarifying my mind.

Yep no worries but it definitely touches their part of the stack. If you’re following their doc and still not succeeding it will be best if they can provide some support just regarding that doc of theirs.

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