Help Me Implement AUTH0

Iam trying to use AUTH0 for a simple login on a PHP shared server CPanel JustHost website. I want to use it so we can use social media logins. It is not a complicated multi-site application.
I downloaded the PHP and JS zips of samples and neither worked. The JS one even lacked the JavaScript function login() for the button.

Hi Jakester,

This should be very straightforward. Did you use Auth0’s quickstart?

Go to your dashboard, create a new application of type Classic Web App, choose PHP for the technology, and it will display the quickstart page. Follow the instructions there, and if you get an error, post here for help.


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I did that but all it did was redirect to the Multi-factor Authentication page, no quickstart page

I did that but got a sample that DIDN’T work, it was missing a required file. Also I just have a shared hosting account and can’t run

composer install
php -S localhost:3000

You can also run it from a Docker image with the following commands:

# In Linux / macOS
# In Windows' Powershell