Hello Im desperate could 0auth help with my Trustwallet hacked account?

Hello guys im very sad my wallet of trustwallet was hacked, im receiveinhñg incoming earnings lifetime from a token (i wrotte to dev of token but no response for now). I had installed a antivirus payment and never shared my 12 phrase or sell scam token. Past days hacker steal to me so many tokens and now he is whitdrawing mtñy incoming earnings sometimes I can withdraw. If I revoke token I left to receive earnings and its a lot for day Open two tickets to trustwallet and dont reply to me. Its possible that 0auth can help me with the problem? Thanks for read me and happy day

Hi @carlosfoces and welcome to the community!

oauth2 is not something end users can use, and it isn’t clear from your description whether or not it would help anyways. I hope you figure out how to stop the hack but this is not something Auth0 can help you with. The cryptocurrency market is a risky place, so good luck.


Thanll you so much Thomas yes is how about sopt acces hacker to my wallet. Its very sad unprotection on decentralized wallets and no support from trustwallet for implement some features to stop this.