Hello! How can we stop our Active Directory URL from showing up in Lock?

Hi - I have a similar issue to the one reported here:

In my case, the AD URL reads ‘undefined’. I don’t have access to AD and am unsure what exactly is providing this data, but really I just don’t want it to show. If I alter the languageDictionary like so:

enterpriseActiveLoginInstructions: 'Please enter your credentials.',

The text still appears as:

'Please enter your credentials. undefined'

There was a document linked from a similar question that gave an idea of what sort of fields are available:

However, I can’t see anything that could govern whether or not to display the AD URL.

What can I change & where to stop undefined from showing up?


edit: - I was checking the source code and was surprised to see so many references to enterpriseLoginIntructions instead of enterpriseLoginInstructions - I’d be surprised if related to my issue but is this simply required to support backwards compatibility now, or something?