'handleError : ' 'SSL/TLS required'


I just deployed an application running Auth0 on render.com.

I am getting this: 'handleError : ’ ‘SSL/TLS required’ issue after I log in and try to open my application.

Application and Auth0 work when it is ran locally.

I am wondering what could cause this and how I can fix it?

I am currently on the free plan, my thinking previously was that could this be an issue with the custom domain and that I need to subscribe to the Auth0 developer plan to get the software working in production?

Thank you already!

Hello there @iiro and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you seeing any specific errors in the console or in your auth0 logs? Do you mind DMing me your tenant name? Any additional details you can provide may help us figure out what you are facing. Thanks!

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