Guardian MFA app does not popup

We get more and more users experiencing problems with Guardian app MFA. Some of them report that the notification does not appear on their device (mostly Android users). Others do get a notification but the green button does not appear (mostly IOS users).

One of the users mentioned an update of his Android app the other day that started the problems.

Can someone help us with this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hey @wilcotroost,

Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of the issues regarding the notifications on
iOS and Android 10. We were able to reproduce the notification issues on both iOS and Android.

We have informed engineering about these issues and at this time, the fix for this issue is in our engineering team’s backlog, however, I am currently unable to provide an ETA on when the fix will be available.

Sidharth Chaudhary

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Just wanted to pitch in here. We are experiencing the same problems with guardian push notifications not appearing. I have done some testing and can confirm this is broken since the latest guardian app update. I have uninstalled the app and tried with an older version of the app and then it still works…

So please release a new update of the guardian app with a fix asap because I am sure lots of endusers worldwide are struggling to authenticate because of this. For a lot of endusers who are used to this feature, this is confusing and even blocking because they don’t know how to proceed when the notifications don’t appear.

I fully agree with Karel. This issue should not be taken as lightly as it seems to be. It’s out there for more then 10 days already.

Hey @wilcotroost and @karel.frederix, Thanks for your feedback, I have updates from engineering that they are actively working on this issue, I cannot commit an ETA yet, but work has started on this.

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we are experiencing this issue as well and waiting for update on issue.

We’ll let you know guys as soon as the fix is deployed. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

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