Google signin on iOS - "Not found" returned

Hello everybody

I’m trying to get Auth0 access token using social login, this is the code I’m using to do this:

@objc public func loginWithGoogle(googleToken: String,
                                  completion: @escaping (PTAuth0ObjCBridgeResult) -> Void) {
        .loginSocial(token: googleToken,
                     connection: "google-oauth2",
                     scope: "openid email",
                     parameters: ["state" : UUID().uuidString])
        .start { result in
            switch result {
            case .success(result: let credentials):

                completion(PTAuth0ObjCBridgeResult(credentials: credentials,
                                                   error: nil,
                                                   email: "email"))

            case .failure(error: let e):
                print("error google auth0  \(e)")
                completion(PTAuth0ObjCBridgeResult(credentials: nil,
                                                   error: e,
                                                   email: nil))

the error I’m receiving says just “Not Found”
Anybody has any idea what could be wrong, can my dashboard be misconfigured? I added client app id to the “Allowed Mobile Client IDs” section in the dashboard, I didn’t add anything to Client ID, Client Secret fields though

thanks for any help

Hi there @tomek1 and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I apologize for the delay. To take a deeper look at this, would you please send me a direct message with your tenant name and any log information that can help us discover what you are experiencing? Thanks in advance!

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