Golang Auth0 Management SDK


Hi everyone,

I recently posted my attempt of a terraform provider for Auth0. As per the suggestions in the terraform documentation on custom providers, upstream libraries (e.g. auth0 sdk) should not be part of the provider, but should be independent instead.

The first iterations of the auth terraform provider had this library embedded for simplicity, but as the project grew I extracted it into its own repo, which is what I’d like to introduce here:

It’s v0.x.x code so if you use it, proceed with some caution :slight_smile: however we’ve been using it in production settings for a while now and its fairly robust.

There are some issues however which we could use some help from the community in terms of direction. More importantly the suggestion to use gopkg.in to handle versioning as transparently as we can. More info here, but the tldr version is moving the project under go-auth0/auth0 and import it go code as gopkg.in/auth0.v0/management.

Your feedback is much appreciated!



Thanks a lot @alexkappa for sharing it with the rest of community! We’ve got more and more request from Go people recently so there should be more resources about it in the future!

Huge thanks for contributing to that!