Goggle Workplace/G-Suite IdP using Auth0 as SP

I am looking for any tips or tricks for getting “Google Workplace/G-Suite” to be the IdP for Auth0 (SP) using SAML. I know there is OAUTH integration with workplace but my requirement is SAML.

Looking in the docs, I have found examples of using Auth0 as the IdP for Google but not the other way around. However, I may have missed something. Using generic SAML configuration, we are getting errors but may be missing meta-data configuration that Google WP expects.

  1. Has anyone been able to get this configuration working where Auth0 is the SP and Google Worlkplace is the IdP? Knowing it is possible is worth a lot.
  2. Are there any tips/tricks for getting this configuration going either on the Google or Auth0 side?

You help is appreciated.

Hi @uuklanger, it’s been a couple of weeks - not sure if you’ve already got it working, but if you are still having trouble with this let us know. Even though there are no official docs on this, it’s possible to set up Google Workspace as a SAML IdP with Auth0 as the SP. If you can let us know any specific issues/error messages that you came across, we’d be able to help.