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I have no idea if i’m in the right place, for that I apologize, but can anyone help me locate where you set icons/branding/names on the Gmail connection sign in screen?

Hi @cody.wingert,

Welcome to the Community! This may depend on whether you are a G Suite customer, or some other type of customer with Google, but have a look at the links below. Confusingly, there’s similar info in many places within Google’s documentation, but I think they should point you in the right direction.

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Here’s an example from our own environment where I have set up our logo:

Thank you for the quick follow up and the warm welcome! Interstingly enough I didn’t even have a consent screen configured so there was no logo, so… it must be coming from somewhere else. When I viewed “” I came across the attached image, so it’s definitely pulling the name and logo from somewhere, in multiple places…

Happy to (try to!) help! I haven’t looked at my G Suite setup in a while… just tested login and the logo is not being displayed, and then I realized I was linking you to the consent screen stuff. So apologies for leading you down the wrong path!

Now I am curious to figure out how to get our logo on the login page.

I appreciate the help for sure! Google kind of has things all over the place, i’ve found a plethora of content related to my app within Google’s space, but still nothing regarding this outdated logo and app name; will continue to look around.

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@cody.wingert let us know if you eventually find something useful!

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